DigiTales collaborated with Dr. Elena Vaccelli at the University of Greenwich on a pilot project working with the Portuguese speaking community in Stockwell, South London.

There are roughly 35,000 Portuguese speaking migrants in Stockwell, spanning across different generations of migration and across different continents, including Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. The pilot project used Digital Storytelling as a creative and collaborative method to explore urban exclusion for the Portuguese speaking community in gentrifying Stockwell.

The ‘social encounter’ of the digital storytelling workshop encourages participants to reflect on and share personal narratives which are borne out of a dialogical relationship amongst the group.

Here’s a sample of the stories we produced in a noisy Portuguese café, in just a few hours, speaking a mixture of Portugese and English and enjoying the inevitable Pasteis de Nata (gorgeous custard tarts).

Memories of Angola, by Anabela Vez

A Hug when I needed it, by Irene de Sousa

Deciding to Come, by Maria Conceicão Pinto Araujo Fontoura

Some images from the workshop in July 2017.