Digital Storytelling as academic practice (2011)

Digitales ran a Workshop with Goldsmiths Learning Enhancement Unit (GLEU), to explore the use of Digital Storytelling as a form of teaching practice inside and outside the university, in formal and informal education settings.  Workshop leaders were Mark Dunford and Tricia Jenkins of Digitales, and Fotis Begklis. Academic Developer for Technology Enhanced Learning in Goldsmiths Learning Enhancement Unit. Twenty lecturers, researchers and students attended the workshop, in which they were given the opportunity to learn about the potential of digital storytelling as a form of creative teaching that could create engaging learning experiences for a wide range of participants, from those who do not have English as their first language, through to undergraduates who wish to express their academic work through a digital, narrative-based medium.  Also in attendance were researchers interested in the power of narrative as a data capture tool for research in the fields of anthropology, sociology and creative media.