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Book Reviews


“Digital Storytelling is a socially-engaged arts movement, a recognisable media genre, and a community-centred practice. Since its origins on the West Coast of the US more than two decades ago, it has been taken up around the world, and is only growing in momentum with educational, arts, and activist organisations who want to use well-crafted personal stories to increase the personal meaningfulness or public impact of their work. Bringing together an exceptional lineup of eminent media theorists and practitioners reflecting on how this can be done well and what it means for culture and society, this book marks a new phase of maturity for digital storytelling as a field of study and a powerful platform for cultural participation and social change.”  (Jean Burgess, Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

“Digital storytelling is emerging as an important and truly inclusive social movement that is changing how we think about democratic practice. This exciting new collection brings together leading practitioners and academics from Europe, North America, Africa and Asia to reflect, with fine practical sensitivity, on the differences that stories can make in experiences of social change and mobility, art and policy. An inspiring cross-cultural perspective on the forms, practice and values of digital storytelling.”(Nick Couldry, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK)

“Digital storytelling is one of the great, quiet media stories of the last quarter century. This invaluable collection sheds light on all its aspects: stories as therapy, political resistance, liberating acts of creativity, teaching and routes to research.  Its source material touches every point of the compass.” (Ian Hargreaves CBE, Cardiff University, UK)