Silver Stories

DigiTales is one of the 3 UK partners of the Silver Stories partnership which is led by the Universty of Brighton.  It is funded by the Lifelong Learning ‘Transfer of Innovation’ programme. DigiTales developed the Silver Stories proposal to the EC with the University of Brighton, as it builds upon our award-winning Extending Creative Practice project, which ran from 2010 – 2012.

Silver Stories explores the use of Digital Storytelling with health care professionals who are working with, or training to work with older people. The project is testing the benefits of digital storytelling as a tool for reflective learning, as an active engagement tool that will help to combat digital exclusion of active older people and as a means to stimulate memory and articulate stories that may otherwise not be told by older people.

Working with health care professionals allows DigiTales to gather new stories and to explore the potential for a new quality assured syllabus for use across the partner countries.