Digital Empowerment (DigEm)

Digem was a six country partnership based project exploring the use of digital storytelling as means to train economically marginalised groups of people with ICT skills to enable them to join the labour force. The DigiTales team developed the curricula for the project and trained all the trainers in the partner organisations.  The participating countries were Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Lithuania and Czech Republic.  Each partner went on to make stories with different community groups including asylum seekers, women, unemployed young people and older people who had lost their jobs.

In the UK, DigiTales worked with the BBC, colleagues from Goldsmiths and community groups to develop a programme of work marking the relocation of BBC activity to Media City in Salford.  Digital stories were made using archive footage from the BBC enabling local people to explore how their perception of particular events had been shaped by media representations.  DigiTales also worked with Inclusion Ventures from Jaywick to produce a portfolio of digital stories with young people from what was officially known as the most deprived town in England.

Digem was nominated by the EC as one the best ICT projects of 2012.  The guide to Digital Storytelling completed by the DigiTales Team for this project can be download here (add link through active word)