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Hidden Voices: Digital Storytelling with Prisoners’ Families





DigiTales is delighted to be collaborating on the Hidden Voices project, creating digital stories with families of prisoners in Brighton in February 2017.

 Zap Art and Sussex Prisoners’ Families have received £30,000 grant funding towards the ‘Hidden Voices’ from People’s Postcode Trust (£20,000) and BBC Children in Need (£10,000).

Hidden Voices is an exciting new collaboration with Zap Art & Sussex Prisoners’ Families (SPF) to raise awareness of the ‘hidden sentence’ faced by one of society’s most invisible groups – prisoners’ families (partners, carers, parents and particularly young people and children). The project seeks to highlight the impact of family imprisonment upon wellbeing, relationships and life chances and offer a platform to promote youth voice.

Funding will support an exciting programme of expressive arts workshops in youth clubs and community centres across East and West Sussex, a 3 day intensive digital storytelling project delivered by the University of Brighton and DigiTales, professional training and a public showcase event in May as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival.

Our Funders:

People’s Postcode Trust

People’s Postcode Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. To find out more about the trust or to apply for funding please click this link:

To find out how to play the People’s Postcode lottery, and thus support more charities, please click this link:

BBC Children In Need

BBC Children in Need awards grants each year to organisations supporting disadvantaged children and young people in the UK who may be affected by homelessness, neglect, abuse or poverty, or those who have faced challenges in their lives such as serious illness, disabilities and psychological disorders.

BBC Children in Need is a charity registered in England and Wales (802052) and Scotland (SC039557) whose aim is to make a positive change to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK.

To find out more about BBC Children in Need, please click this link:

Project Partners:

Zap Art is a creative arts charity, internationally renowned for introducing high quality, powerful arts experiences to new audiences, with a particular focus on engaging people in areas of deprivation, working with disadvantaged or marginalised groups. Zap designs creative programmes and cultural events that involve communities, and through working in partnership with social organisations it seeks to support people to transform their personal situations or tackle social issues.

Sussex Prisoners’ Families (SPF)

SPF is a community interest company, established in 2013, which supports local families in Brighton, West Sussex and East Sussex to cope emotionally and practically with the imprisonment of a loved-one. SPF offers support and advice to families (partners, carers, parents, young people and children) as well as training and awareness-raising for professionals so that they can better meet families’ needs. SPF’s first strand of work is supporting defendant families in court, but they are currently developing community based support groups including youth voice activity.




Silver Stories

DigiTales is one of the 3 UK partners of the Silver Stories partnership which is led by the Universty of Brighton.  It is funded by the Lifelong Learning ‘Transfer of Innovation’ programme. DigiTales developed the Silver Stories proposal to the EC with the University of Brighton, as it builds upon our award-winning Extending Creative Practice project, which ran from 2010 – 2012.

Silver Stories explores the use of Digital Storytelling with health care professionals who are working with, or training to work with older people. The project is testing the benefits of digital storytelling as a tool for reflective learning, as an active engagement tool that will help to combat digital exclusion of active older people and as a means to stimulate memory and articulate stories that may otherwise not be told by older people.

Working with health care professionals allows DigiTales to gather new stories and to explore the potential for a new quality assured syllabus for use across the partner countries.

Salvation Army Housing Association (SAHA)

 SAHA logo



DigiTales was commissioned by the Salvation Army Housing Association (SAHA) to train staff to use digital storytelling with their residents, many of whom are young people who have faced challenges and difficulties in their lives. The SAHA approach, through its Open Talent programme, is based on a life coaching model, which emphasizes talent spotting and talent building to enable young people to make a successful transition to adult independence. SAHA sees Digital Storytelling as a powerful tool to enable young people not only to develop their creative and technical skills, but also as a means to reflect, reveal and share personal experiences that have had an impact on their lives.