DigiTales is a not-for-profit research and participatory media company hosted by the Department of Media and Communications at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Digital storytelling is at the heart of how we work with individuals, groups and organisations. We provide collaborative workshops which enable people to find, tell and share their stories in a digital environment.

We have worked with partners from across Europe and beyond, using digital storytelling as a means to develop creative skills and talents and build confidence of people whose voices might otherwise not be heard.   We also use digital storytelling as a co-creative action research method.

We are part of a growing network of over 400 digital storytelling practitioners, projects and organisations across the globe.

What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital storytelling is a collaborative, workshop-based process which enables people to tell their own stories, in their own voices using still and moving images and voice-over sound tracks in a digital environment. In a short workshop, lasting no more than 18 hours, people with limited or even no technical expertise can gain the skills needed to write, edit and narrate their own story. Completed stories are effectively short films of approximately 2 minutes and are shown in community settings, on the internet and in public spaces.

DigiTales has developed its approach to digital storytelling on the acclaimed Story Circle method developed by the Centre for Digital Storytelling, now known as Storycenter, in Berkeley, California, some 20 years ago.

This Month’s Story:

StoryA|STORY Abroad

Validating and Connecting Experiences of Working and Studying Abroad Through Digital Storytelling

StoryA – A Transnational European project funded by ErasmusPlus.  The UK Component is led by the University of Brighton.

Partners:MeltingPro (Italy – lead partner); Storycenter (USA), Media Shots (Portugal), Verein Digital Story Vienna (Austria), Perspectives (Belgium), Museu da Pessoa (Brazil), Kulturskolan Stockholm (Sweden), Cape Peninsula University of Technology (South Africa).

DigiTales has been working closely with the University of Brighton to deliver the UK components of STORYA. Our primary goal was to take advantage of the opportunity to work with a group of young people over an extended period of time on a sharply focussed research question. Our view was that the longer time period created scope to establish relationships with young people by introducing them to digital storytelling before they went abroad so they could gather resources for their story while they travelled before attending a production workshop to craft their stories on their return. We were fortunate enough to be able to draw on our existing relationship with the Salvation Army Housing Association’s Open Talent programme which provides new creative opportunities for hard to reach young people and includes periods spent outside the UK.   UoB, DigiTales and SAHA worked together to create a bespoke workshop programme for young people travelling to South Africa and the Netherlands. For most of the group, this journey was their first time outside the UK. In December 2015, we ran a three day workshop to produce digital stories with the group about the impact of their experiences abroad.  Here is a story by Sophie, who describes a life changing experience:

You can see stories from across the partnership here on the StoryAbroad Youtube channel.  We also made a short video containing interviews from the young people as they went through their digital storytelling workshop.  You can download the E-Book that was produced by the partnership: Travelling Stories.

Workshop photo gallery:
pointing at screen Story Circle viewing Nick's Karola recording frantic editing _MG_8523 Karola recording 2 Karola recording Ames animation Screening1 Karola recording 2
AmesGeorge and Tricia